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Find answers to all your questions about WearDeck from installation to maintenance and more.

What is WearDeck made of?

We manufacture WearDeck using High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) reinforced with fiberglass and a proprietary blend of additives including permanent antistatic, pigments, UV inhibitors, and AO stabilizers.

Is WearDeck slip-resistant?

Yes, our boards provide slip-resistance. WearDeck meets or exceeds the Coefficient of Friction (COF) standards for slip resistance.

Does WearDeck meet ADA Requirements?

Yes, WearDeck meets ADA slip resistance standards. The ADA requires a .60 Coeffecient of Friction that WearDeck satifies at .67 when dry and .69 when wet.

Does WearDeck produce static electricity?

Plastic and composite decking products can generate static electricity, particularly in cold weather. WearDeck boards include permanent antistatic additives to ensure safe and comfortable use. If you're installing WearDeck on a fuel dock or other areas where static electricity could be a problem, we offer boards with enhanced permanent antistatic for an upcharge for special orders. Please, contact us to find out more about antistatic options.

Can I put a door or grill mat on WearDeck?

Rubber backed mats or grill mats should not be used on plastic or composite decking as they may stain the surface. Mats made of natural fibers are generally preferred.

Is WearDeck rated for ground contact?

WearDeck is rated for ground contact and underwater applications.

How should I store WearDeck boards prior to installation?

Store WearDeck on flat level surface with supports every 2 feet. Avoid laying loose boards on uneven surfaces or leaning boards, as they will, like ALL composites, tend to bend toward that surface particularly in the high heat of summer.

What colors is WearDeck available in?

WearDeck comes in eight vibrant colors; Cool Grey, Barefoot Grey, Sand, Barefoot Sand, Cedar, Weatherwood, Saddle, and White. Please, visit our Product page to view WearDeck colors and read more about them.

Does WearDeck fade or change color over time?

WearDeck colors remain well within their color family throughout their lifetime. All WearDeck boards include a 25-year Ultraviolet (UV) Protection Package to maximize color retention. UV rays from the sun are a major cause of any decking fade. Like any decking or colored surface, some weathering can be expected. New WearDeck boards display a plastic-like sheen that will typically weather to a more natural matte finish in three to six months. This sheen is natural to newly manufactured decking.

Is WearDeck adversly affected by salt water?

No, WearDeck can be used in or around all saltwater applications. WearDeck can be installed for underwater use and can be fully submerged in salt or fresh water.

Do substances like suncreen and bug spray stain WearDeck?

WearDeck resists stains from sunscreen, suntan oil, insect sprays, etc. As with any decking material, such solutions should be cleaned from the surface as soon as possible for best overall appearance.

Can I use construction chalk on WearDeck?

Construction chalk comes in various colors and can be permanent. Colored chalks SHOULD NOT BE USED to mark lines on any composite or plastic decking including WearDeck. If use of chalk is desired, use either white chalk, blue chalk, or a blue construction pencil with a wax tip. Check any product for suitability before use to mark lines.

Does WearDeck have a directional wood grain?

Yes, as is generally understood with all monochromatic, roller-embossed, grained decking products. WearDeck is best installed with grain patterns running in the same direction as indicated by the directional lines on the sides of our boards. However, this is the choice and responsibility of the builder, contractor or end user. We recommend following the directional lines and grain of WearDeck for appearance purposes only as there will be no effect on decking performance if one chooses to ignore the directional grain. WearDeck grain pattern repeats every 37.5 inches.

Masonry construction considerations?

If a deck is constructed before masonry siding, post, walls, benches, etc., it is extremely important that the decking surface be thoroughly protected from cement, mortar and other substances used during construction. Masonry bonding products can create efflorescence causing hazing stains that are difficult to remove from any decking surface. If such stains are created, special deck cleaners may be needed to remove them if it is even possible to do so.

Should I stain, paint, or seal WearDeck?

No, WearDeck never needs to be stained, painted, or sealed.

How should I clean WearDeck after using snow or ice melting solutions?

We recommend rinsing WearDeck with water then scrubbing the residues of salt or calcium chloride and rinsing again. If needed, standard cleaning solutions can be used.

Is WearDeck impacted by Low-E Glass scortching?

The reflection from Low-E Glass can damage construction materials from doors to siding to decking. Low-E Glass is designed to prevent heat within the home but can create excessive heat outside in rare conditions. Contact the manufacturer of the glass product to learn about the best methods to prevent and reduce this problem.

Where is WearDeck manufactured?

We manufacture WearDeck in Ocala, Florida at JR Plastics Corporation, a leading plastics manufactuerer.

Where can I find WearDeck's Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)?

Please visit our Product Literature page to access our MSDS.

Does WearDeck contain recycled or organic materials?

No, WearDeck does not contain recycled materials to ensure superior strength and durability. Unfortunately, we found through experiementing that recycled content reduces the consistency and quality of our boards. We do our best to prioritze our environmental responsibility by using a more environmentally-friendly plastic, HDPE, and by recycling all waste from WearDeck manufacturing in the facility at JR Plastics Corporation.

What type of screws should I use with WearDeck?

We recommed 316 Stainless Steel Composite Deck Screws. In some instances, 305 Stainless Steel Composite Deck Screws may suffice. Stainless Steel Composite Deck Screws ensure that your project will last longer, especially when exposed to saltwater, without worry of a mushroom-top effect.

How should I cut WearDeck?

If using a chop saw, we recommend a 40-tooth blade. If using a jigsaw, we recommend a carbide blade. IMPORTANT: We do not recommend using colored blades as they may leave marks on the boards.

What spacing should I use between boards?

For side to side spacing, we recommend 3/16" spaces between boards for dirt, debris, and water to fall through. Side to Side spacing is up to your preference as WearDeck experiences no expansion and contraction width-wise. WearDeck boards can be butted up against each other or spaced apart to your liking. For end to end spacing, we recommend a minimum of 1/16" between boards. WearDeck boards expand 1/32" length-wise. For more installation tips, please visit our Product Literature page.

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