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Updated: Jul 8

Unlike WearDeck, most composite and synthetic deck boards lack structural properties and leave you with limited building opportunities. Boards without structural integrity require adequate framing and support to be used as decking. They cannot hold enough weight on their own for project essentials and accessories like joists or seating. To build successfully with most composite and synthetic deck boards, homeowners turn to traditional framing with pressure-treated wood.

Pressure Treated Wood Framing and Support

Builders often use pressure-treated lumber to frame and support composite and synthetic decking. Unfortunately, pressure-treated wood lacks the longevity and durability of synthetic products like WearDeck. HomeAdvisor warns us that while pressure-treated wood avoids harmful rot and insects; it does not prevent weathering and corrosion. Though pressure-treated wood once presented buyers with the best option for framing and support, advancements in composite and synthetic building materials offer superior alternatives.

Structural Grade Plastic Lumber

As composite and synthetic building materials evolve, buyers gain access to upgraded products like our structural grade plastic lumber. We manufacture our HDPE deck boards reinforced with fiberglass for unmatched strength and durability. Our boards boast over two times the strength of competing composite and synthetic boards. Because of their live load capacity, WearDeck boards can be used for much more than just the surface of your projects.

Endless Building Opportunities

Synthetic and structural, WearDeck boards enable unprecedented building opportunities. Use our deck boards to construct lasting framing, decks, and docks. Our customers' creativity comes to life with WearDeck pergolas, seating, garden beds, seawalls, tables, coolers, and even doghouses. Add WearDeck to a preexisting project to enhance its structural stability, ensuring that your work will last.

Totally Synthetic Docks

As homeowners seek to build low-maintenance docks that last a lifetime, fully synthetic docks become an increasingly popular solution. Fully synthetic docks prevent natural degradation, insect infestation, and weathering. Builders pair WearDeck with a synthetic piling option like EcoPile from Shoreline Plastics to create docks with a lifespan far beyond traditional projects.

The Structural Solution: WearDeck

While most composite and synthetic deck boards limit building opportunities due to lack of strength, structural WearDeck allows homeowners to reimagine the possibilities. From decks with matching pergolas and planters to fully synthetic docks that last a lifetime, WearDeck provides enhanced structural integrity and guaranteed longevity to any project. Ready to start building your dream project? We’ll ship free samples straight to your doorstep to get you acquainted with the last deck board you’ll ever need.

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