Cool Decking: New Barefoot Collection

Updated: Jun 22

At WearDeck, we know how hot outdoor decking can become on a summer day. Scorching surface temperatures can make decks and docks uncomfortable and unsafe, especially for children and pets. Searching for decking that will stay cool enough for bare feet in extreme heat? Read on to find out about our cool decking solutions.

Hot Deck Boards

Composite and synthetic deck boards provide a slew of benefits from longevity to less maintenance than traditional wood but remain notorious for hot surface temperatures. The materials in composite and synthetic deck boards often retain more heat on their surface than traditional wood options. The color of your decking also impacts surface temperatures as darker colors absorb more heat while lighter colors reflect more heat.

Quick Fixes for Hot Decking

Although they fail to address the underlying problem, quick fixes for hot decking include options like installing umbrellas, misting fans, and lighter colored outdoor furniture (source). Homeowners can spend substantial amounts of time and money attempting to make their decking bearable in the summer heat. According to HomeAdvisor, installing a misting system alone can cost over $3,000. Avoid the cost and headache by choosing the best cool decking solution: WearDeck.

Our Heat-Reflective Technology

We developed our heat-reflective technology using additives that protect the core of our boards, allowing them to stay cooler and cool down more efficiently. All WearDeck colors include our heat-reflective technology. Whether you select a darker shade like Saddle or a lighter color like White, rest assured your decking will stay cooler than traditional composite and synthetic deck boards.

An Ideal Solution

To offer options that optimize our heat-reflective technology beyond our original six colors, we developed our new Barefoot Collection. We lightened our popular Sand and Cool Grey deck boards to create Barefoot Sand and Barefoot Grey WearDeck, designed specifically to stay cool enough for bare feet in extreme heat. Our Barefoot Collection continues to gain popularity among builders and homeowners looking for a cool decking solution. Coastal communities rave about the benefits of our Barefoot Collection on high-traffic projects with direct sun exposure like boardwalks, dune walkovers, and marinas. Ready for decking that will stay cool all summer long? Request samples of our Barefoot colors and feel the difference firsthand.

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