Put WearDeck to the Test: Sunscreen

Updated: Jul 13

When homeowners select composite and synthetic decking like WearDeck, they look forward to low-maintenance deck boards that clean easily. Unfortunately, most composite and synthetic boards still experience staining from commonly used substances like sunscreen. WearDeck decking prevents stains from sunscreen and the headache that comes with stain removal.

Sunscreen Stains on Composite Decking

A quick online search brings up countless cases of homeowners struggling to remove sunscreen stains from their composite decking. To make a frustrating situation even worse, decking companies often void stain warranties if homeowners cannot prove that they attempted to remove the marks within a certain period of time. According to BUILD, homeowners may experience more difficulty removing a stain from composite decking than from traditional timber. Considering so many homeowners choose composite decking as a low-maintenance alternative to wood, sunscreen stains present a disappointing reality.

Stain Resistant WearDeck

We manufacture WearDeck using High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE), a plastic that resists stains. Unlike wood composite decking, our boards contain no organic materials or wood fibers that absorb liquid and stains. To illustrate WearDeck’s stain resistance, we documented how sunscreen impacts WearDeck boards.

We covered half a 2x10" sample board of Weatherwood WearDeck in Sun Bum sunscreen and left it outside in the sun for 12 hours. Then, we brought the sample indoors and let the sunscreen sit on the board overnight to really soak in. The following morning, we wiped the board clean with a rag to reveal the expected outcome: WearDeck combats sunscreen stains.

Choose WearDeck Decking

At WearDeck, we understand how grand of an investment decking can be. Homeowners spend hours searching for low-maintenance decking that will last. Too often, composite and synthetic deck boards develop unsightly stains from commonly-used substances like sunscreen. To avoid the disaster of sunscreen stains on your decking, choose a truly stain-resistant board: WearDeck.

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