WearDeck Installation: The Right Direction

Updated: Jul 17

When starting a project with WearDeck, homeowners and builders can save time and money with a little preparation. We encourage all of our customers to review the product and installation details available on our Product Literature page. Discover vital installation tips, including information about the directional lines on our deck boards. Read on to learn more about directional lines and how they help ensure the success of your project.

Woodgrain Textures on Decking

While past composite and synthetic boards prioritized longevity over aesthetics, modern options resemble natural wood and offer “considerably more sophisticated looks” (source). Composite and synthetic decking products often include a textured finish to mimic the grain or fibers of traditional timber. Woodgrain patterns and lack thereof vary brand to brand as some composite and synthetic boards have deep, pronounced textures while others have flat, matte surfaces.

WearDeck's Woodgrain

WearDeck boards incorporate a directional woodgrain finish that enhances their natural appearance and traction for a non-slip surface. We use an embosser to produce a texture that imitates the composition of wood. The pattern looks similar to the arches and cathedrals of flat or plain sawn timber (source). To identify the orientation of the wood grain pattern, our boards include a directional line.

Directional Lines

Directional Lines on WearDeck

We manufacture WearDeck with a raised directional line on one side of each board to help builders create a uniform project. When the sun reflects off the wood grain pattern on our boards, your perception of the decking changes depending on which direction the boards face. For a consistent appearance, builders should align our boards with their directional lines on the same side.

Alternating Directional Lines

Homeowners who prefer a unique look may choose to alternate the direction of WearDeck boards. As the sun reflects off the varying wood grain patterns, the decking appears to be two slightly different tones. The discrepancy in color may only be visible when wearing polarized glasses. As distinctive deck and dock designs grow increasingly popular, alternating the direction of your WearDeck guarantees that your project will stand out.

Building with Weardeck

At WearDeck, we strive to produce deck boards that will ensure a stress-free building process. We manufacture each board with a directional line, so you can build with confidence and customize the look of your project. To discover more installation tips and information, please visit our Product Literature page.

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