The Right Direction

Updated: Jun 10

Have you noticed the directional line on WearDeck boards?

We manufacture each board with a directional line on one side to help builders identify the direction of the wood grain imprinted on the surface of #WearDeck boards.

Why it matters:

WearDeck boards mimic the natural grain of wood. When the sun reflects on your deck or dock, you will notice one of two things:

1) Your decking appears to be one tone and uniform, because all boards follow the same directional line.


2) Your decking appears to be a two different tones, because the sun is reflecting in varying directions according to the wood grain pattern on each board. Some homeowners prefer the unique look of the alternating grain directions.

If you have chosen WearDeck, you are already headed in the right direction!

Keep our directional lines in mind as you build the deck or dock of your dreams.

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